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Lizzi Trumbore's joyful approach to teaching helps students of all levels and ages find their voice as a musician. Her teaching approach is all about making the fundamentals of music FUN, while also allowing lots of room for creativity, personal style, and improvisation. This balance does numbers in helping each student unlock their own unique artistry, while still making them feel confident in the fundamentals of music.

She teaches vocal lessons, piano, improvisation, theory, composition, and songwriting both on Zoom and in person in her Chicago-based studio, QZ Music Lessons, ran alongside Quinn Dean.

Contact Lizzi at to get started with lessons today!


"I have been taking voice lessons with Lizzi for the past 1.5 years and I couldn't be happier with her as a teacher. She is so helpful, kind, and knowledgeable on vocal technique and offers useful ways to make the lesson accessible for students of any age or level. I am always impressed at how quickly she can adapt to teaching a new style, sight reading a new piece for accompaniment, or coming up with fun ideas for warm-up or other activities to make the lesson enjoyable. Most importantly, she knows how to make every lesson fun and full of unexpected laughs while practicing basic or advanced concepts. I have seen my self-confidence improve a lot, as well as my breath control, pitch, and ability to express myself vocally." -Rachel, voice student 


"I hadn't played piano since 8th grade and I was a little nervous to come back to it decades later. Lizzi made me feel at ease while still helping me improve my technique and my musicality. She's so positive in her teaching, always encouraging, but also always making sure I'm learning. She's challenged me a couple of times with pieces that I thought were impossible to begin with, but then with her encouragement and guidance I was able to play them with joy." -Damon, piano student



"Our 9-year-old son has been taking piano lessons with Lizzi since early 2022 and we could not have dreamed of a better first piano teacher. Lizzi is patient, kind, and makes learning piano fun. She uses songs he knows (video game songs! pop songs! classical tunes!) to reinforce the theory he learns in the piano book, and gives him space during lessons to explore his own songs--he's learning to write his own music! Lizzi is a gift to the Chicago music education scene, and we highly recommend her!" -Isaiah, piano student 


"Lizzi Trumbore is a wonderful singer and teacher with a brilliant work ethic. There are plenty of great singing teachers out there, but Lizzi sets herself apart with her holistic understanding of music as a songwriter and pianist. She inspires her students and fellow musicians with her patience, kindness, and dedication to her craft." -Katie, Los Angeles based musician and educator


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