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"Lizzi is one of the premier young jazz vocalists in the U.S. today"

- Paul Contos, SFJazz & Monterey Jazz Festival

"Trumbore’s majestic vocals shine brightly, illuminating the way for the rest of the band, in what amounts to a bold, exciting, and inspiring statement by a young and promising vocalist.

-Sebastien Helary,

Chicago based jazz vocalist and composer Lizzi Trumbore crafts catchy jazz-infused pop songs with a colorful and profound twist. Her breezy and emotive voice, rhythmic drive, and unadulterated lyrics create a captivating and unique musical experience. She is praised for her ethereal and dexterous improvisation style. Her understated but powerful voice proves that there is a true strength in being delicate. 

Growing up in the San Diego jazz scene, she was performing with local heroes such as Peter Sprague and Leonard Patton from an early age. It was in San Diego where she fell in love with music education and the art of performing creative music. She draws influence from contemporary and Brazilian jazz, folk, R&B, and pop music. Her thoughtful compositions create a familiar and comfortable canvas for new unexpected ideas to be explored.


In 2014, Lizzi was named the vocalist for the prestigious Next Generation Jazz Orchestra, touring throughout Japan and the Bay Area of California. Lizzi continued her music education as a Jazz Vocal performance major from the University of North Texas, where she graduated from in 2018. It was at UNT where she got to perform and/or work with artists including Bobby McFerrin, Danilo Perez, Jo Lawry, Sara Gazarek, Josh Nelson, Rosana Eckert, and Jennifer Barnes.

Lizzi is a published songwriter and arranger whose original compositions have been performed by collegiate and professional vocal groups throughout the country and at the JEN (The Jazz Education Network) and ACDA (American Choral Director’s Association) conferences. Her songs have been described as "world class," "sincere and intelligently crafted," and "full of beautiful surprises." She skillfully combines a vibrant and youthful perspective on songwriting while still capturing a mature depth and understanding of the art form.

Lizzi’s debut album "Lifelines" has been described by progressive jazz publication NEXTBOP as "a stunning and deeply refined overture to what we can only assume will be a long and fruitful career."

Lizzi can be found teaching vocal, piano, and composition students of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Chicago area, as well as all across the globe via Zoom. Her love of teaching and using the gift of music to connect with other people is a driving force in her life. Visit her Teaching Studio tab for more information regarding lessons.


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