Lizzi’s debut album "Lifelines" has been described by progressive jazz publication NEXTBOP as "a stunning and deeply refined overture to what we can only assume will be a long and fruitful career."  "Lifelines" is a poignant collection of original genre-bending songs that she has penned and arranged since leaving her home in Southern California to pursue a career and life in music.

Lizzi explains that “looking back on it, this album feels like a diary to me- these songs really encompass the ways that I have personally and musically grown into my own skin.” The simultaneously poetic and transparently raw lyrics explore themes of love and loss, personal relationships, and fears of self-expression and independence.


“Lifelines” takes you on a musical journey filled with memorable melodies, rich harmonies, and genuine lyrics. No matter where you go in life, there will always be lines to lead you back home.

Available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon Music, or the Shop.



KK Slider: The Lost Years vol. 1 (2020)

"KK Slider: The Lost Years vol. 1" is a whimsical and heartfelt tribute to some of the best Animal Crossing villagers.

This composition/recording project was inspired by unemployment and a lifelong obsession with the Nintendo video game, Animal Crossing.

These catchy orchestral-pop tunes will serve as an energetic boost to your morning.

Proceeds will be donated to House of Tulip, an organization that helps house trans and gender non-comforming people in need in Louisiana.

Learn more at

Available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon Music, or the Shop.



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